Slow Down to 40km/h

Slow down when passing emergency vehicles or face a fine

Drivers in Victoria will face big fines if they do not slow to 40 kilometres per hour when passing emergency vehicles with flashing lights or sirens that have stopped on the roadside.

People who break the road rule could be forced to pay a $277 on-the-spot fine or a court-imposed penalty of up to $793 (they will not lose demerit points).

Drivers need to:

  • Slow down for emergency services with flashing red, blue or magenta lights or sirens
  • Slow down to 40km/h when driving past stationary or slow moving emergency or enforcement vehicles with flashing red, blue or magenta lights, or sounding an alarm.

Emergency and enforcement vehicles include police, ambulance, fire services and State Emergency Service vehicles as well as VicRoads truck enforcement vehicles that have magenta flashing lights.

When emergency or enforcement vehicles are displaying flashing red, blue or magenta lights, or sounding their alarm, drivers must:

  • Approach at a speed that allows the driver to stop, if necessary, before passing the vehicle and give way to any emergency or enforcement worker on foot in the vicinity;
  • Not drive past or over take the vehicle at a speed of more than 40kh/h;
  • Not increase speed until the driver is a sufficient distance past the vehicle to not cause danger to workers in the immediate vicinity.

For more information look at the RACV website