Yarriambiack Young Achiever Awards

Yarriambiack Young Achiever Award Nomination Form


Yarriambiack Young Achiever Awards 2019 Categories 

Award Category: Health and Wellbeing Award

The Yarriambiack Young Achiever Health and Wellbeing Award, recognises young Yarriambiack individuals who are dedicated to those in need of our health services. There are many young people within our shire who go about providing passionately and selflessly high levels of support.

The Yarriambiack Young Achiever Health and Wellbeing Award acknowledge the services, efforts, actions and positive input provided by health professionals, volunteers and carers. Young people who are creating a sense of community and enhancing the quality of life of those who depend on them.


Award Category: Area 17/18 CFA Young Volunteer Award

The Yarriambiack Young Achiever Awards specifically want to highlight the fantastic job young CFA volunteers do for our region.  This award aims to acknowledge young volunteers who have made an outstanding voluntary contribution and have positively impacted the lives of others and the Yarriambiack Shire Community. This Award covers all CFA groups within the Yarriambiack Shire, all aspects of volunteering whether they are training, support, maintenance, competition and emergency work.

NOTE: All achievements must have occurred January 1st 2018-March 1st 2019


Award Category: Youth Leadership

Too often young people in the community are easy targets for criticism, they are seen to not pull their weight and seem reticent to engage.  Sometimes the community don’t realise how active and instrumental a lot of young people are.  The Yarriambiack Young Achiever Youth Leadership Award presents the opportunity to recognise those young people who are active and positive role models.  They are not just passionate and dedicated but prepared to get their hands dirty and lead others to take on roles.  We are looking for young people who may have demonstrated skills that have better prepared others or implemented change within their group, business or organisation.  These young people have altered the way people think and perform for the better, leading those around them on a journey of achievement, improvement or discovery. They may have overcome difficulty, adversity or hardship to achieve excellent outcomes and raise pride in the Yarriambiack community. Whether it is in sales, customer service, their employment or trade or community contribution-e.g. club sport or coaching, the Yarriambiack Young Achiever Youth Leadership Award will go to someone creating the path for others to follow.


Award Category: Community Service and Social Impact Award

The Yarriambiack Young Achiever Community Service and Social Impact Award celebrate young people who make a significant contribution through community service or social justice initiatives.  This award recognises individuals who are dedicated to the care of others; excel in their community sector profession or field of employment and those who seek innovative solutions to addressing social issues.

They offer hope, education, care and support to those in their care. Whether it is for service provision, those in need, cultural and community support, health and well being, emergency services, academia or education, they make a difference; they often go above and beyond the requirements of their position.

These young people are not only at the forefront of caring and accomplishment, but are contributing to the community by achieving their goals through hard work and perseverance and they are wonderful role models for us all.


Award Category: Arts and Creativity Award

Yarriambiack Young Achiever Art and Creativity Award is designed to acknowledge the role young people have played in improving our understanding of culture in the Yarriambiack Shire.  This award covers all facets of the art area, from literature, performing and visual arts to fashion and Design fields.  With youth often leading the way in fashion, design, textiles, visual and dramatic art and dance, it is important to applaud their achievements in a what is a fast paced, stressful and success driven environment. Through the Arts and Creativity Award, recognition is given to those who strive for excellence, creativity and success; this highlights the importance of the Arts Industry and promotes the next generation of artists.


Award Category: Group/Club Achievement in the Community Award

The Yarriambiack Young Achiever Group/Club Achievement in the Community Award recognises young people who have worked together as a group to provide a service, program or project for other young people, which is based on consultation and engagement with young people and has resulted in positive, youth-led changes in a local community.  This group/club may be an organised entity or a group of young people just passionate about making a difference to their Shire.


Award Category: Business Achievement Award

Yarriambiack Young Achiever Business Achievement Award will support a young person(s) who have successfully started or are operating their own small businesses and are making important economic and social contributions to our Shire. This award acknowledges young peoples ventures and efforts to provide opportunities for leadership, growth, training and employment. Many are also giving back to the community or giving others an opportunity.

This award is looking for nominations from young people in areas such as service provision, product development, manufacturing and construction, agriculture, primary industry, e-commerce, wholesaling, exporting and retail. Yarriambiack Young Achiever Business Achievement Award, is not necessarily going to be awarded to the best business but to the business which defines the adage of Australian country life, that of “having a go”