Community Grants

Funding Criteria

Funds will be allocated by Council in November and May after consideration of applications which are advertised in August and March each year.

Distribution of funds will be determined after taking into account:

(a) Amount of funds available
(b) Equity across municipality
(c) Number of applications and funds sought
(d) Community group contribution to scheme funds sought
(e) Community group membership numbers
(f) Viability of project
(g) Maximum grant to one organisation will be $500
(h) One allocation annually – excluded if one is made in previous round of funding

Eligible for Funding

All recreation, service and community organisation volunteer fundraising groups which are formally constituted organisations, located within the boundaries of the Yarriambiack Shire Council municipal boundaries are eligible to apply for assistance under this scheme. The grants are to assist with the maintenance and capital improvements of community assets and events.

Ineligible for Funding

Grants are not available for sponsorship, administration costs, repair of equipment, rates, power costs, telephone and other recurrent costs of community groups. Grants will not be backdated. One allocation per group annually ie. if your group received an allocation in the previous round your application will not be considered.

Conditions of Funding

(a) Applications should be submitted in writing for the next round of funding by due date to municipal offices at PO Box 243, Warracknabeal or 34 Lyle Street, Warracknabeal.

(b) Each application shall be assessed before being referred to Council’s Chief Executive Officer who will make the appropriate recommendation to Council.

Payment Process

Community Group Financial Assistance Scheme fund availability will be determined by Council during its budget estimates process and will vary from year to year.

The Council will declare the amounts available after it completes the budgetary process. The financial assistance of Council will be provided as a grant of Council.

For further information, please contact Community Development Officer, Marianne Ferguson on 03 5398 0121 or email