Environmental Sustainability

Environment Strategy 2010 – 2020

As a Rural Council, the Yarriambiack Shire Council is one of the most diverse Councils areas within Victoria, ranging from the Wimmera in the South to the Mallee in the north. Though our future is predominately dependent on our grain growing ability, there are enormous opportunities for economic development through farming, tourism and industry. Protecting and enhancing our natural environment and reducing the impact of everyday living provide us all with a challenge.

We have to find the balance between providing housing, land development, growth of our communities, farming and business enterprises, and creating an economical and viable future, with protecting our flora and fauna, waterways and our diversity. However, our Shire working together with the community, can and will find opportunities and ideas that will enable us work towards a future that will protect and enhance this environment whilst encouraging and developing the growth of our Shire.

We are already working towards fulfilling this challenge with the Environment Strategy for 2010-2020 which highlights some of the achievements we have already made with the support of the community. Stormwater catchments, recycled water, developing wetlands, using fuel efficient vehicles, recycling of all types of waste and partnering with the community through re-vegetation are only the beginning of ensuring our environmental sustainability.

The Yarriambiack Shire Council recognises that it has a strong role to play in the protection and preservation of our natural environment. In 2007, the Yarriambiack Shire Council signalled its long term commitment to environmental sustainability, both locally and globally, through the inclusion of a principle of Sustainability in its Council Plan.

“We manage public assets and resources in a way that supports and balances sustainable, economic, social and environmental objectives and adheres to the principles of intergenerational equity”

This principle continues to guide Yarriambiack Shire Council’s actions in relation to natural resource usage and sustainability, and strengthens the organisation’s aim to be a community leader in its commitment to the environment and sustainable practices and outcomes.

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Local Environmental Sustainability Priority Statement

The aim of the Local Environmental Sustainability Priority Statement is to enable recognition of the unique character and local priorities for each local government area and build improved direct relationships between individual local governments and the Victorian Government on environmental sustainability. The Priority Statement is also a celebration of local government action to progress environmental sustainability and a record of major opportunities and challenges faced by each local government in doing so.

Local Environment Sustainability Priority Statement