Business & Economic Development

Council is already a key player in the local economy in a number of ways and provides in excess of eighty services to residents and visitors, including:-

  • Infrastructure development
  • Provision of community services
  • Project development approval processes
  • Point of reference for business and community issues

In undertaking these activities which are part of Council’s fundamental obligations, Council is influencing the way in which the local economy develops and through a strong commitment to best practice and efficiency, plays a leadership role that sets an example to other parties in the community.

Part of that leadership role is to develop and promote a vision for economic development within Yarriambiack Shire and across the Wimmera Mallee Region.

That vision has been enunciated as:

“Yarriambiack Shire will build upon its recognised strengths in agricultural production and associated industries to expand existing businesses and attract new investment. It will also witness a revitalization of the retail and service sector, plus new residential developments, due to the emergence of new industries associated with major mining projects and the construction of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline. The Shire will also be recognized as an integral part of the tourism product mix offered by the Wimmera Mallee Region which is strongly marketed under the “Outback Victoria” banner”.

Economic Development & Tourism Strategy 2015-2019

Economic Development & Tourism Strategy 2015-2019 (Summary)
Economic Development & Tourism Strategy 2015-2019

Business Directory

This Business Directory has been compiled from available public information and will be updated on a regular basis. Businesses are encouraged to view their entry and advise Council of any amendments.


Business Victoria

Regional Industry Link
(Connecting regional industry capabilities to business and major project opportunities)