Footpath Hierarchy

This hierarchy will be used as a tool in the management of all footpaths in the Yarriambiack Shire for which the Yarriambiack Shire has management responsibility. The hierarchy will determine basic standards for the footpaths and will assist Council and its officers to plan for maintenance works and reconstruction works to be carried out in a cost effective manner that provides “best value” for the money spent.

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Infrastructure Permits

Road Reserve Works Permit

All works within the road reserve require a Road Reserve Works Permit, this includes, but is not limited to works for construction or alteration of driveway crossovers, nature strip, stormwater drainage connections and footpaths.

The following must be supplied with your application:-

• Copy of public liability certificate of currency for the contractor carrying out works (providing coverage for at least $20 million)
• Sketch plan: A copy of a sketch plan showing the proposed work and all assets within the vicinity must be provided. Assets include all trees, road pavement, kerb and channel, footpaths, drains and service authority and private assets.

An Asset Protection Permit must also be applied for – an additional fee for the Asset Protection Permit will apply.

Road Reserve Works Permit

Asset Protection Permit

As of 1 November 2014, Asset Protection Permits are compulsory prior to the commencement of any building or construction works (including works that do not require a building permit).

Works means any work in connection with the construction, renovation, alteration, demolition, relocation or removal of a building, including landscaping, concreting and road construction.

An Asset Protection Permit will protect the owner of the site against paying for damage to infrastructure assets that existed prior to the commencement of works. This includes property owners, utility providers, as well as Council infrastructure assets and comprises anything outside the property, including but not limited to, vehicle crossings, footpaths, nature strips, drains and pits, kerb and channel, road pavement, trees, signs, poles and hydrants, etc.

You should obtain a permit at least 48 hours prior to the date you plan to commence your building/construction works – this will allow for the scheduling of a pre-works commencement inspection by Council’s Technical Services Department.

A Road Reserve Works Permit must also be applied for – an additional fee for the Road Reserve Works Permit will apply.

Asset Protection Permit

Design Guidelines

Yarriambiack Shire Council utilise the IDM for all design, construction and development processes. Included in this manual are a set of standard drawings.

A Guide to Working in The Road Reserve

This guide provides essential information for anyone proposing to work in the road reserve.

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Road Hierarchy

The Council Road Hierarchy is an essential tool in the management of the local roads for which Council has responsibility. This hierarchy provides direction in the following aspects of road management:

• Target specification for the physical characteristics of the road.
• Frequency of routine maintenance inspections to be carried out on a regular basis by Council staff.

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Download Maps: Beulah & Hopetoun, Warracknabeal, Central Roads, Northern Roads, Northern Towns, Southern Roads, Southern Towns

Road Management Plan

Yarriambiack Shire Council’s Road Management Plan is prepared under the Road Management Act 2004 and the Code of Practice for Road Management Plans.

The purposes of a Road Management Plan under the Act are:-
• to establish a management system for the road management functions of a road authority which is based on policy and operational objectives and available resources; and
• to set the relevant standard in relation to the discharge of duties in the performance of those road management functions.

Under the Act, the contents of a Road Management Plan:-
• may set relevant standards or policies in relation to the discharge of duties in the performance of road management functions;
• may include details of the management system that a road authority proposes to implement in the discharge of its duty to inspect, maintain and repair public roads for which the road authority is the coordinating road authority or the responsible road authority;
• may specify the relevant policies and priorities adopted by the road authority;
• must include any matters that a relevant Code of Practice specifies should be included in a road management plan.

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Download the Yarriambiack Shire Council Road Register

Road Management Strategy

The purpose of this strategy is to protect and enhance the environmental, amenity and cultural values of road reserves, while maintaining the functional amenity of the road.

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