This page outlines the dates for payment of rates, locations and options for payment.

Who to Contact

For Rate and Property Valuation queries contact: Chantelle Pitt Tel: 03 5398 0127

Payment of Rates

Payment can be made at the Warracknabeal and Hopetoun Offices, at any Australia Post Office, via Australia POSTbillpay or by BPAY.

Rates can either be paid in full by 15th February each year or by 4 quarterly instalments – 30th September, 30th November, 28th February and 31st May.

Payment Methods

  • Cheque, Cash or Eftpos – Warracknabeal and Hopetoun
  • Credit Card over the Telephone – Warracknabeal
  • Australia Post Offices
  • Australia POSTbillpay – www.postbillpay.com.au
  • BPAY
  • BPAYView


Council conducts a revaluation of the municipality annually. The valuation of your property is shown on the rate notice.

Objection Forms: ResidentialRuralCommercial/Industrial and Non-Rateable.

Change of Property Ownership

To ensure that Council records remain accurate and comply with legislation, any change of ownership of property through sale or transfer must be notified in writing to the Council’s Revenue Co-ordinator. A change of address should be made in writing to Council’s Revenue Co-ordinator.