Power Outages

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As the summer heat continues, the Victorian Government’s summer campaign, Your Guide to Power Outages, is seeking to help Victorians keep safe during a power outage in bushfires and extreme weather conditions.

While Victoria has very reliable electricity supply, power outages can happen – particularly during heatwaves, bushfires and grassfires.

A guide has been produced Your Guide to Power Outages with a call to action: It only takes a few simple things to prepare.

Some simple tips include having access to:
• A torch or battery-operated light
• A phone that doesn’t rely on electricity (such as a fully-charged mobile phone)
• A battery powered radio for news and updates
• Fresh water (if you rely on an electric pump for water)
• The faults and emergencies contact number from your latest bill.

Summer is also a time to check on elderly or vulnerable relatives and neighbours.

There’s a lot of useful advice online.

Visit delwp.vic.gov.au/poweroutages for more information on how to get prepared, or call the Customer Service Centre on 136 186.