Applying for a Planning Permit

Before commencing any use or development of land you should always check if you need planning permission. Just because you know someone who can build a house without planning permission doesn’t mean you can.

The key steps you should consider are:

• Talk to your council planner
Before you start you should discuss your proposal with your local council’s planning department to confirm that a permit is required.
• Get professional advice
Getting the right professional advice at the beginning will help develop your ideas so you meet council’s expectations and your objectives. Consider getting professional advice.
• Understand the process
Planning applications can take a considerable amount of time to be processed. Ensure that you understand the potential time frame and adjust your schedule accordingly.
• Prepare your application
Planning Applications must be submitted with all relevant information. The type of information required will depend on the type of use and development being proposed.

Council has prepared standard “Planning Application Checklists” for all types of applications to assist in the process. The links to these are available below.
Please allow up to 8 weeks for a decision to be made on your application (note: the processing time may vary depending on the type of proposal and other factors).

Examples of development and uses you might need a Planning Permit for are:

Removal of vegetation
Commercial and industrial development


Application Form to apply for a Planning Permit
Application Form to Amend a Planning Permit
Subdivision checklist
Vegetation removal checklist
Rural dwelling checklist
Business checklist
Industrial checklist
Liquor licence checklist
Signs checklist
Car Parking checklist
General checklist