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Councillor Election Period Policy 2019

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

The purpose of the Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy  is to address the offers received or declined, and disposal of any gift, benefit or hospitality from external sources to Councillors and Council employees. Transparent and accountable practices are vital to maintaining the community’s trust and its confidence that public resources are being used responsibly and appropriately.

As public officials, our management of any gifts, benefits and hospitality is a practical demonstration of our integrity impartiality and accountability. It allows our community, business associates and Government to be confident that we make decisions and provide advice free of favouritism, influence and conflicts of interest.

Therefore, as a guiding principle, Councillors and employees should not accept a gift if it is likely to be perceived by a ‘reasonable person’, as intended to, or likely to, influence him or her in the fair, impartial and efficient discharge of their duties as a member of Council.

The policy applies to Councillors, full-time/part-time employees; including temporary and casual employees, Contractors and Suppliers engaged by Council.

Yarriambiack Shire Council Meeting Procedures Local Law 2019

The Local Law Government Act 1989 requires Council to make a Local Law governing the conduct of Meetings, Special Committees of Council and how it utilises its Common Seal.

The previous Council Administration Local Law No 6, 2007 commenced operation on 13 March 2007 and expired 13 March 2017. After this date, the Local Law ceased to apply.

In order to comply with the requirements of section 119 of the Act, Council made a new Local Law “Yarriambiack Shire Council Meeting Procedures Local Law 2019”.

The purpose and general purport of the proposed Local Law is to:

  • Regulate the use of the common seal
  • Regulate proceedings for the election of the Mayor and Chairpersons of various Committees
  • Regulate proceedings at Council meetings, Committee meetings and other meetings conducted by or on behalf of Council, where Council has resolved that the provisions of the Local Law are to apply
  • Make provision for related administrative procedures; and
  • Provide for the peace, order and good governance of the municipal district

Under section 120 of the Local Government Act, Council must make the new proposed Local Law available for inspection and be available for purchase on demand. A copy of the Local Law and Community Impact Statement can be inspected at the Council Office, 34 Lyle Street, Warracknabeal during office hours.