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Have Your Say!

Our objective is to actively engage with our community in a genuine, responsive and simple way to ensure the decisions made by Council are well informed.

We recognise the value our community brings to understanding problems and risks to develop solutions that are more likely to be effective. In addition to the real life experience that community stakeholders can contribute to decision-making, the credibility of a decision is enhanced when it is the product of an open and deliberative process. Conversely, inadequate community engagement can alienate sections of the community, undermine trust and is more likely to result in poorly informed decisions.

Current Projects for Community Review

Transfer of Land – Gibson Street Rupanyup

Lot 4 of Plan of Subdivision 412166 (known as Gibson Street, Rupanyup)

Council resolved at their September Ordinary Council Meeting to seek the views of the community on the proposal to transfer Lot 4 of Plan of Subdivision 412166 to Rupanyup Future Fund for the purpose of housing development. The Rupanyup Future Fund intends to utilise funding from the Rupanyup and Minyip Finance Group community fund to subdivide Lot 4 and make eight suitably zoned and serviced allotments.

Seven allotments would be offered on the market for executive housing and the eighth allotment would be transferred back to Council for the purpose of community housing. Rupanyup Future Fund would utilise any profit from the sale of the allotments for the community purpose.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 2020 and Yarriambiack Shire Councils Asset Lifecycle Policy and
Community Engagement Policy Council is seeking views from the community about the land transfer proposal.

All submissions can be sent to:

Ms Jessie Holmes
34 Lyle St, Warracknabeal 3393


by close of business Friday 29nd October 2021





POSTPONED DUE TO LOCKDOWN: Road Management Plan and Road Hierarchy Community Consultations

Council is now going through the process of reviewing the Road Management Plan and the Road Hierarchy.

What is the Road Management Plan? 
Council’s Road Management Plan is prepared under the Road Management Act 2004 (“the Act”) and the Code of Practice for Road Management Plans. The purposes of a Road Management Plan under the Act are:

  • to establish a management system for the road management functions of a road authority which is based on policy and operational objectives and available resources; and
  • to set the relevant standard in relation to the discharge of duties in the performance of those road management functions

The chief objective of this Road Management Plan is to set the standards that the Yarriambiack Shire Council will implement in its road management system in the discharge of its duty in inspections, maintenance and repair of public roads for which it has responsibility and is based on policy, operational objectives and available resources.

What is the Road Hierarchy? 
It is important that Council direct its limited road funding to where it will achieve best value. This road hierarchy is an essential tool in the management of the local roads for which Council has responsibility. The Road Hierarchy provides direction in the following aspects of road management:

  • Target specification for the physical characteristics of the road.
  • Frequency of routine maintenance inspections to be carried out on a regular basis by Council staff.

As part of this process Councillors and Council staff will be hosting community consultations across the Shire to meet with residents and discuss the roads that are important to them.


2021 – 2025 Council Plan adopted at August Council Meeting
At its meeting on Wednesday 23 June, Council endorsed the draft 2021-2025 Council Plan for public exhibition and feedback.  Council must adopt and prepare a Council Plan for the period of at least four financial years after a general election. Council must also prepare a Community Vision with an outlook of at least the next 10 years. The Draft Council Plan and accompanying documents presents four overarching strategic objectives to guide Council’s direction over the next four years.

The Council Plan and accompanying documents have been prepared following extensive community consultation throughout February, March and April and reflect the themes that were apparent across the Council. This draft document also incorporates the Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan and the Long-Term Financial Plan. Council will be hosting a series of pop-up sessions across the Shire to discuss the Council Plan with the community.

The 2021 – 2025 Council Plan was adopted at the Council Meeting held on Wednesday 25 August 2021.


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