Draft Meeting Procedure Local Law 2019

Meeting Procedure Local Law 2019

The Local Law Government Act 1989 requires Council to make a Local Law governing the conduct of Meetings, Special Committees of Council and how it utilises its Common Seal.

The previous Council Administration Local Law No 6, 2007 commenced operation on 13 March 2007 and expired 13 March 2017. After this date, the Local Law ceased to apply.

In order to comply with the requirements of section 119 of the Act, Council must make a new Local Law, which is proposed to be titled the Yarriambiack Shire Council Meeting Procedures Local Law 2019.

Under section 120 of the Local Government Act, Council must make the new proposed Local Law available for inspection and be available for purchase on demand.

Section 119 of the Act also requires Council to conduct a community consultation and statutory notification process as per section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989:-

  • Persons to be given a minimum of 28 days to submit a submission
  • An opportunity provided to any person to be heard in support of their submission
  • Reasonable notice of a day, time and place of the meeting provided to the person who makes a request to be heard.

Draft Meeting Procedure 2019

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