Information for Businesses

Information for Businesses
The current pandemic caused by the Coronavirus is a rapidly evolving situation. There are many requirements that proprietors must adhere to and compliance with these measures is becoming a complex and difficult task. The following information has been collated to help you navigate some of the challenges.

Which businesses are currently allowed to remain open?
– Supermarkets/General stores (including Bottle Shops)
– Pharmacies
– Banks
– Petrol Stations
– Freight & Logistics
– Food Delivery
– Retail premises
– Hairdressers/Barber Shops

Which applicable businesses must close in our area?
– Beauty therapy, tanning, waxing & tattoo parlours
– Historic sites
– Libraries
– Real estate auctions or open house inspections
– Gyms, recreation and community centers
– Public swimming pools
– Outdoor markets (excluding food markets)

How many people can enter my premises at the one time?
If your business is permitted to remain open, there are laws around distancing measures. Business owners must ensure that they allow 4 square metres for every person in their premises. For example, if your retail shopping area is 12 square metres, then you are only permitted to allow 3 people inside at any one time, with the 1.5m social distance requirement applying at all times.

Businesses should calculate the floor area and place a sign at their front door which identifies the maximum number of people permitted inside the premises. This will help you to comply with the new emergency laws.

What are some ways I can maintain appropriate social distancing in my premises?
Business owners are the single biggest factor that can determine the level of social distancing that will occur in their premises. The easiest way to comply with social distancing is to calculate the total floor area and the maximum number of staff/customers that are allowed inside at any one time. This is detailed above. Some other practical measures may include:
– In areas where customers congregate or line up, mark floor with coloured tape at 1.5m intervals to remind people where they should stand to remain safe.
– Keep customers a safe distance from staff by marking the floor with tape 1.5m away from all cash registers or employee desks.
– Where possible, make isles directional so that customers do not have to pass each other.
– Do not allow staff to congregate during meal breaks.
– Consider staggering staff start and finish times to prevent unnecessary congregation.

What can I clean my premises with to reduce the potential for viruses, such as Coronavirus?
While COVID-19 is a new strain from the Coronavirus family, hospitals, health service providers and the broader community have been effectively removing viruses from their environments for many years. The key to removing any virus is to ensure that you follow a very easy, yet specific, cleaning process that utilises chlorine-based disinfectants (bleach) at particular concentrations. Other readily available retail and wholesale chemicals are simply not proven to remove all viruses. It is important to disinfect ‘high-touch’ surfaces such as door handles, hand rails, cash registers or eftpos machines.

Please click here to view or download the information sheet for a step by step guide to adequate disinfection.