Are you interested in volunteering or do you require more information on volunteering?

Centre for Participation Inc. is a volunteer resource centre that provides an information resource point for communities, organisations and volunteers.

Volunteer Involving Organisations: We help organisations manage and support their volunteer programs by providing advice on training, policies and governance. Our membership program ensures volunteer involving organisations are able to receive ongoing advice on how best to deliver their services to the wider community. Membership includes notification of upcoming training workshops and mentoring, as well as strengthening our ability to advocate for the interests of the sector.

Volunteer Recruitment: We recruit volunteers and can find suitable placements for people to develop new skills and extend social networks. Centre for Participation Inc. interviews prospective volunteers, identifying interests and skills to find suitable roles and organisations.

Our Services: Our Social Support and Community Visiting programs strengthen social inclusion, access and mobility. We are an accredited Home and Community Care (HACC) provider where we deliver social support and transport assistance to eligible clients. Our Licencing the Wimmera programs assist people in getting their licences through mentoring and support.

If you are interested in volunteering or require more information on volunteering… Call into our office, give us a call any time or visit us online at www.centreforparticipation.org.au.

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