Kindergarten Enrolments

Beginning Kindergarten – When is the best time?

There are now two years of kindergarten programs available to your child prior to them starting school. The Victorian Government have commenced the rollout of funded kindergarten for three-year-old children across the state and we’re excited to be able to offer three year old kindergarten to Yarriambiack families.

This means:

  • Children are eligible to attend 3 year old kindergarten if they turn 3 prior to the 30th of April, however they cannot attend until their third birthday.
  • So, for children born between 1 January and 30 April, parents have the choice as to whether they commence 3 year old kindergarten the year they turn 3 or begin in the following year when a full year of 3 year old Kindergarten can be accessed.

All children learn and develop in different ways.  Some children may benefit from starting Kindergarten later.  It is important that children are ready to transition to school after kindergarten. Therefore, it is important that parents and carers carefully consider this when deciding the best time for their child to start kindergarten.

If you are unsure about the best time for your child to start kindergarten, you can ask:


2022 Kindergarten Enrolments (3 and 4 year old Kindergarten)

Council has developed an online survey for initial interest into kindergarten services for 2022. The survey will take approximately 6 minutes to complete. All information collected will be maintained in accordance with Council’s Information Privacy Policy.

If you experience issues entering data into this form, please contact Tammy Smith, Director Business Strategy and Performance on 0438 337 175.  Please note all fields must be complete before you can submit the form.  Please ensure your email details are correct as you will receive a confirmation email.

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