Animal Registration Reminder – Due 10th April 2021

Did you know registering your pets is necessary under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (Victoria), and greatly improves the chance of your pets being returned to you if they become lost?

Council has sent out animal renewal notices at all owners of previously registered animals. It is a requirement for all dogs and cats aged 3 months and over to be registered. Microchip registration is not the same as Pet registration. For those that continue to not register their dogs and cats; there are penalties that will apply.

All pet owners are reminded that your dog and cat registrations should have been renewed by 10th April each year. Council would also like to advise pet owners that we currently won’t be charging a late payment fee, but failure to register or renew your animal registrations may lead to a $330 fine.

For more information on pet registration please contact Council on 5398 0100 or visit our website.

Legal Responsibilities of Dog and Cat Owners

Yarriambiack Shire Council would like to take this opportunity to remind dog and cat owners of their legal responsibilities to;
• Adequately confine their animals to their properties and;
• Ensure that dogs are secured by a leash or chain when being walked in public areas.

We have had a number of incidents in the last few weeks where dog owners have been negligent with their legal responsibility to ensure dogs are kept secure when in public areas including injuries to people.

Yarriambiack Shire Council would like to remind dog owners that we take dog attacks, dog rushes and dogs found wandering at large very seriously. Ignorance or negligence in following the directions on Council signs that state dogs to be kept on a leash will be dealt with as per Councils Community Local Law.

If your dog is found to have rushed a person or persons, you may be fined and Council may declare your dog to be a “menacing dog “. This may result in your dog having to wear a muzzle when out in public. You are liable as a pet owner if your dog attacks a person or animal outside of your property, or someone trying to get to your front door.

You are also liable if your dog attacks someone who has been invited onto your property. Aside from the legal consequences, an attack can be very distressing for all involved.

If you require any additional information about responsible pet ownership, please contact Council on 5398 0100 or go to: