Animal Registrations

All domestic cats and dogs over three (3) months of age must be registered with Council annually by 10th April. By registering your animals you can ensure their protection and can help reduce community nuisance caused by stray and feral animals.

Download Animal Registration form here

Responsible pet ownership not only means caring for the health and welfare of your dog or cat, responsible pet ownership also provides;

  1. Registration of your dog or cat and ensuring the Council identification tag is worn.
  2. Desexing your animal to reduce the tendency to mark and prevent unwanted young or aggressive behaviour.
  3. Confining your animal at night to reduce nuisance caused to neighbours and to protect the animal.
  4. Effectively containing your animal within your property at all times by adequate fencing or an animal enclosure.
  5. Effectively restrain your animal in public places. Dogs must be restrained whilst on the back of utes.

Every pet owner has a responsibility to ensure their animal does not attack, bite, rush at, worry or chase any person or animal.

Queries and further information can be obtained from Council’s Ranger Craig Byron – Telephone 5398 0136 / Mobile 0428 591 980 /

Registration payments may be made by mail or at Council Offices in Warracknabeal and Hopetoun during normal business hours. Payments can also be made by BPAY or Australia Post.

Type of AnimalMaximum number
allowed in township
areas without a permit
Maximum number
allowed in rural
areas without a permit
Hen Fowls
12No Max. Limit
Pigeons20No Max. Limit
Poultry0No Max. Limit
Domestic Birds20No Max. Limit
Rodents4No Max. Limit
Horses/Donkeys0No Max. Limit
Cattle0No Max. Limit
Sheep0No Max. Limit
Goats0No Max. Limit
Snakes0No Max. Limit

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Domestic Animal Management Plan