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Transfer Station & Tipping

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Transfer Stations

Opening Hours & Fees - Effective 1st July 2018

Total Fire Ban Days: All tips open for first two hours only
Tips will be closed on Christmas Day & Good Friday

Beulah                                     Hopetoun*

Wednesday 1pm - 3pm                                     Tuesday 10am - 12 noon
Sunday 2pm - 5pm                                             Thursday 2pm - 5pm
                                                                                Sunday 1.30pm - 5.30pm

Minyip                                      Murtoa*

Tuesday 1.30pm - 4.30pm                                Tuesday 8am - 12 noon
Sunday 8am - 11am                                           Thursday 1pm - 5pm
                                                                                Sunday 1pm - 5pm

Patchewollock                         Rupanyup

Tuesday 2pm - 4pm                                           Wednesday 9am - 12 noon
Saturday 11am - 1pm                                         Sunday 1pm - 4pm

Speed/Tempy                          Warracknabeal*

Wednesday 1pm - 3pm                                    Tuesday 8am - 12 noon
Saturday 8am - 10am                                        Wednesday 1pm - 5pm
                                                                               Thursday 1pm - 5pm
                                                                               Friday 8am - 12 noon
                                                                               Saturday 8am - 12 noon
                                                                               Sunday 1pm - 5pm

Woomelang                            Yaapeet

Tuesday 1pm - 3pm                                          Thursday 10am - 12 noon
Sunday 9am - 12 noon                                     Sunday 10am - 12 noon

* E-Waste Disposal Facilities available at Warracknabeal, Hopetoun & Murtoa.
Disposal Fee is $5 per item (TV/Computer Screens) while all other electrical items are $2.00.

Tipping Fees

General Hard Waste                     $11.00 PER cubic metre
Putrescibles Waste                       $25.00 PER cubic metre
Household/Kitchen Waste           $8.00 PER cubic metre
Clean Green Waste                       $11.00 PER cubic metre
Timber/Wood                                   $11.00 PER cubic metre
Builders Waste/Concrete             $45.00 PER cubic metre
Clean Concrete/Rubble                $30.00 PER cubic metre (delivered to Repositories at Warracknabeal, Murtoa and Hopetoun)
Minimum Charge                           $8.00
Dead Animals                                 refer attendant

Tyres                                               Tyre Only             With Rim
Light                                                 $4.00                    $5.00
Medium                                           $15.00                  $22.00
Heavy                                               $35.00                 $50.00
Tractor (up to 1.5m diameter)     $80.00                 $110.00
Tractor (over 1.5m diameter)      $160.00               $220.00

E-Waste                                                           $2.00 PER item
Screens                                                           $5.00 PER screen

Paper                                                                Free If Sorted
Cardboard                                                       Free If Sorted
Glass Bottles                                                  Free If Sorted
Plastic Bottles                                                 Free If Sorted
Aluminium Cans                                            Free If Sorted
Steel inc. car bodies, fencing wire.             Free If Sorted
Oil (domestic quantities up to 20 litres)        Free If Sorted
Chemical Drums (triple rinsed)                  Free If Sorted

Gas Cylinders (valves must be removed) Free if sorted
Lead Acid Batteries                                       $5.00
Grain                                                                Not accepted
Hazardous Materials                                    Not accepted
Prescribed Waste                                         Not accepted