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Warracknabeal Levee Project

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Proposed Levee Height

Four years after one of the worst floods in history hit Warracknabeal, Council is asking - does Warracknabeal want a levee for flood protection?

In January 2011 Warracknabeal experienced a flood that modelling describes as larger than a one-in-100-year event. At the time, Council and residents constructed a temporary levee to stop water inundating the town.

Warracknabeal flood leveeWarracknabeal flood leveeWarracknabeal flood levee

                                  Temporary Levee built during 2011 Flood         Temporary Levee built during 2011 Flood             Warracknabeal during 2011 Flood

Wimmera CMA, Water Technology and Council are working with a community steering committee to complete the Warracknabeal Flood Investigation, which will recommend flood mitigation options for Warracknabeal. Community feedback on building a flood protection levee will be included in the investigation.

One of the investigation's preliminary recommendations is to build a permanent levee along the entire creek in the town. Another recommendation is to build a permanent levee along some sections of the creek. Community support is essential to future funding bids to build a levee.

Extent with a leveeExtent without a levee

These draft flood modelling maps for a one-in-100 year flood indicate that with no levee, 125 properties are subject to flooding, with 22 of those buildings subject to ‘above floor' flooding. With a levee, three properties are subject to flooding, of which one is ‘above floor'.


During the 2011 floods, Council and residents constructed an earth-wall 8.6 kilometre levee using earthmoving equipment. They also used 120,000 sandbags to reinforce the levee and individually sandbagged 400 homes. After the flood, Council removed sections of the levee and left some of it intact.

Previous discussions with the community indicated general support for a flood protection levee based on the 2011 experience, but Council wants to see if that support is still there. Council is also seeking input into where a levee is required and areas where it may not be needed. For example, increasing the height of existing walking tracks in some circumstances may provide enough protection from flood waters in specific areas of the township. This is the kind of feedback we are seeking from the community.

• If you would like more information, download the Warracknabeal and Brim Flood Investigation - Hydrology and Hydraulics report

Water Technology Online Mapping Review Tool

Warrack Levee Sign

Yarriambiack Shire Council have installed signs along the Yarriambiack Creek that will indicate where the proposed levee will be located in Warracknabeal. Adjacent to each sign is a peg that shows the height of the proposed levee.

Map of Warracknabeal proposed levee height
No levee 100 year flood extent

Draft Reports
Flood Intelligence Report
Flood Warning Assessment Report
Flood Mitigation Options Report
Hydrology and Hydraulics Report

Final Flood Reports

Final Flood Maps

Final Flood Maps